Commercial Visa announcement by The Embassy of Canada in Panama
The Embassy of Canada in Panama wishes to inform our key commercial contacts of an initiative implemented by the Government of Canada to continue to enhance the visa application process and ensure we continue to meet the needs of Panamanian travellers. Through Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the Government of Canada has entered into a service agreement with private sector companies to establish Visa Application Centres (VAC) around the world.
After successful openings of centres in Asia and Africa and implementation in Mexico last year,VACs are being opened this fall throughout Central and Latin America.The VAC in Panama opened on 12 October and is co-located with the DHL office at Tumba Muerto in Panama City (please see below for address and hours of operation).With this opening, there are now VACs in 35 countries.
VACs provide valuable administrative support (by phone,email or in person) to individuals submitting applications. In particular, client service agents at VACs are available to verify that visa applications are complete, there by helping applicants avoid unnecessary delays or refusals due to incomplete applications.
VACs are not involved in the visa decision-making process.This remains the responsibility of the Immigration Visa Office at the Canadian Embassy in Guatemala. However, VACswill offer services to facilitate the process by ensuring that visa applications are completed correctly and that all documents are securely transmitted for processing. The VAC will also offer clients a new feature that allows on-line tracking of applications. Clients will be charged by the VAC for services provided according to the fee schedule established by the service provider.Clients who prefer not to apply through the VAC may continue to submit their applications forms directly to the Visa Office in Guatemala for no additional fee. However, please note that, with the opening of the VAC, the Embassy can no longer accept visa applications, and clients will be referred to the VAC for information and assistance.
We also wish to reassure you that the procedures established by the Embassy of Canada in 2010 to allow applicants in Panama to have their passports stay in Panama pending approval of a visa will remain an option for clients of the VAC. Applicants may elect to have their passports forwarded to the Embassy of Canada in Panama by the VAC pending visa approval from Guatemala.Similarly, visas will continue to be inserted into passports in Panama for clients choosing this option.
VAC address:
Canada Visa Application Centre
Ave. Ricardo J. Alfaro
Tumba Muerto Centro Comercial Multimax, Local # 16
Panama, Republic of Panama
Tel: (507) 836-5888
Email: [email protected]
Business hours: Monday-Friday, 09:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00