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About Pan Canada

In the last few years the economic and trade relations between Panama and Canada have grown consistently. Panama is benefiting from increased tourism and property investment opportunities from many Canadians who are attracted to what the country has to offer.


The primary mission of PanCanada is to build upon the steady growth of exports between Panama & Canada and on the recent trends in tourism, real estate, mining investment, finance, energy, and the Panama Canal. Also, PanCanada will focus on both traditional and new areas of business activity between the two countries.

PanCanada is a non-profit organization that obtains its funding from membership fees, activities and benefactors in both Panama and Canada.

Board of Directors
Juan Francisco Pardini – Director & President
Glen Champion - Director & First Vice-President
Jacques Le page - Director & Second Vice-President
Richard Fifer - Director & Secretary
Terry McCoy - Director & Treasurer
Amanda Hachey - Director & Secretary
Michael Levy - Director & Deputy Treasurer
Honorary Presidents
H.E. José Herrán Lima – Ambassador of Canada in Panama
H.E. Romy Vasquez – Ambassador of Panama in Canada
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